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Immortality: The Quest to Live Forever and How It Drives Civilization
According to Steven Cave, much of our life is spent dealing with or, more properly, trying not to deal with, a paradox of mortality: We know that everything else around us dies or passes into the past, but we are by our nature incapable of imagining a world without us. It’s not that we can’t contemplate this in the abstract, it’s that if we imagine a world of any sort, we are mentally a part of it as observer, if only as a lingering soul. Cave argues that by the nature of evolution only creatures which strive to survive into the future will do so – we are wired to try to project ourselves as far forward into the future as possible, up to and including forever if we can figure out how. He then looks at specific examples of the four ways we try to do this: 1) literally living as long as possible, 2) coming back after death, 3) living on in spirit and 4) living on through our legacy.
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Willpower: Rediscovering the Greatest Human Strength
When I got Willpower, I was expecting something more along the lines of one-part science, one-part self-help. I’ve been pleasantly surprised, then, at what a solid book this is. Willpower doesn’t just look at the “Greatest Human Strength,” it looks at where, why and how our willpower fails us…
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The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business
What’s the difference between a person who runs a mile a day and a person who smokes a pack a day? Not as much as you might think. While the first person undoubtedly has the better habit, both of them probably follow their routines without a moment’s thought. In fact, there was a man who lost his memory to point where he didn’t know where his kitchen was, but if he wanted a sandwich, he had no trouble going to the refrigerator to make one…
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Geoffrey Barto has been teaching language and culture for more than twenty years. His focus is helping people use language to achieve their goals, both for personal growth and in building their careers. The right words can make all the difference in the world!
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