Learning Ancient Languages

I’ve previously written about the University of Texas’ Early Indo-European OnLine site as the place par excellence to get started with ancient Indo-European languages, especially languages like Avestan, Old Persian and Tocharian where resources are otherwise scarce. If you want to venture outside Indo-European, Polyglossic mentions Lexicity as a great place to click around, seeing what you can find. It includes Akkadian, Aramaic and Ugaritic (as well as Indo-European languages like Gothic, Greek and Sanskrit. But no Sumerian or Hittite, alas.

About G Barto

I've been learning languages more than 20 years and teaching them for at least 15. Here I share the joys and frustrations of teaching yourself new languages.
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2 Responses to Learning Ancient Languages

  1. polyglossic says:

    I mentioned the lack of Sumerian in the forum, and the owner of Lexicity assured me they “are working on it,” so it should be added soon. I think they’re also working on Classical Arabic. Not sure about Hittite, but I’m sure you could join the forum and make the request!

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