Further thoughts on Welsh and Sentences

After a year’s disappearance, I know I must seem to be brimming with chatter to post twice in a week. That said, after a long time of muddling around, I have the sense that things are picking up, and this thanks to Say Something in Welsh. Having completed level one of the old course for Northern, I’ve now done the first five lessons for the old course for the South and the first eight for the new lessons. It’s amazing how quickly Southern Welsh comes when you know a bit of Northern 😉 What’s really amazing, thought, is how quickly the learning comes when, as I said before, you are learning sentences and not words. Welsh is not the first Celtic language I’ve had a go at, but it’s the first I’ve had any luck with. What’s made the difference is a method that makes little effort to teach you mutations but has you using them over and over again. There are places where I understand the mutations and places where I don’t but I find myself going with one option instead of another only to hear my guess repeated back to me. At a certain point, it’s not luck. It’s just that you’ve been lulled into putting the words together that way though you’ve no idea how or when it happened. In short, whether for input or output, put your focus on complete sentences, not individual words. It will pay off.

And if you’ve ever wanted to actually speak a Celtic language, do visit saysomethingin.com.

About G Barto

Geoffrey Barto has been teaching language and culture for more than twenty years. His focus is helping people use language to achieve their goals, both for personal growth and in building their careers. The right words can make all the difference in the world!
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